I am not a minister. I am just a lay person with a passion. I attended a small liberal arts college that had strong Christian influences. In many of my courses, I studied Old and New Testaments and some church history. Over the years, iny regular work, I have become known as sort of a “Bible guy”. People will often ask me what the Bible says about this or that. And if I can’t answer them right away, I search for an answer.

I have also dabbled in the world of freelance writing. As such I decided to start this blog to discuss one of my favorite topics. In the beginning of my search for questions to build a foundation, I found more questions from atheists than Christians. So I began debating on atheist websites and forums.

The discussions in atheist forums started to take me off my original course. I know that I will probably never change anyone’s mind. But, I also presented my information for those who are “on the fence”. I think that we all reach a place where sometimes we question our faith. (Often more than once). However, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. As my leading verse, 1Peter 3:15 says, we are to be prepared to give a response for why we believe. If you’ve never questioned what you believe, how can you really defend or explain it? That’s my take on it. And this website is where I intend to post many of my musings.
In the future, I plan on moving away from some of the rebuttals to other sites and focus more on teaching straight from scripture. I’d like to go from book to book and look at various topics that come up. But, I’ll go where I’m led and see what happens

aka the Armchair Apologist


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